Designing Change is a space where readers can explore the connections between art/design and social change. I post weekly about innovative ways people are already integrating these fields, and offer daily tidbits such as notable quotations and food for thought. I welcome feedback on any of my content, and would love to hear what you have to say!

Mainly, I write for ordinary people looking for ways to creatively engage with the world. If you have ever felt intimidated by the perception that the only way to make a difference is by becoming a community organizer or going into politics, or if you have ever wanted to take your creativity outside the gallery or consumer marketplace and into a more universally accessible realm, you are not alone. With Designing Change, I aim to show you how art and social justice work are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they complement one another in exciting and creative ways.

Designing Change‘s mission is to imagine, explore, and celebrate ways to use art and design to create a just and sustainable world. In Designing Change, I offer inspiration for readers like you to make the most of your creative talents and work on issues you care about. I give resources, information, and commentary to help you make that dream a reality.



I recently graduated with a BA in Studio Art from Smith College, and spent much of my college experience trying to synthesize my passion for art with my drive for social change. As an undergrad, I created several mixed-media artworks about the problem of mountaintop removal coal mining in Appalachia. In addition to my many art classes, I took courses on topics such as organizing, managing art nonprofits, visual culture, and anthropology, among others. I also participated in a variety of student groups that focused on social justice and environmentalism. Some highlights included my role as President for an interfaith group called Spirituality in Action during my senior year, being a Steering Committee member for the Ohio Student Environmental Coalition (OSEC) during my sophomore year, and planning trips to events like Power Shift 2009 and Mountain Justice Spring Break (MJSB) in 2010.

I am from the Seattle area but am currently staying with close friends in western Massachusetts, near where I attended school at Smith College. When I’m not making art or blogging, I’m a big fan of road trips, cooking, hiking, epic conversations, and hearing great music. Also, I love anything made of chocolate. I am unabashedly addicted to romantic comedies, and I’m a firm believer that music is the best medicine for (almost) everything.

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